Terms & Conditions

ALYS Rentals’ House Rules

Thank You for choosing ALYS Rentals!

Dear Guests,

Hello & welcome to our home! We’re so happy you chose our property for your vacation.

Before you settle in & get comfortable, we would like to make you aware of the House Rules in place at our vacation rental. Understanding & complying with our house rules will make for a comfortable & fun stay for everybody! Please let us know if there is anything missing in this welcome letter that would be helpful or useful for you, our guest, as we are all looking for new ways to improve.

Please read each of the rules carefully in order to avoid any danger or deductions from your security deposit upon check-out.

  • Please treat our house with the same respect as you would your own home. We’ve put a lot of effort into making this into a lovely space to be enjoyed by our guests.
  • Be sure to maintain a good level of cleanlinessthroughout your stay, this will make it much easier when check-out time comes!
  • In case of any accidental damage, we’ll investigate the issue internally to decide if & how much the deduction or repair cost will be.
  • We hope you have lots of laughter & fun times during your vacation! However, we’d really appreciate it if you’re mindful & keep noise to a minimumduring nighttime hours.
  • Please ensure you read & fully understand the house rulesat the beginning of your stay. If anything is unclear, please contact us so we can explain in further detail to avoid any misunderstandings.
  • Have fun! This is your vacation time & we hope you make the most of our home, its amenities & your opportunity to relax & visit the surrounding area.

Information & special rules on specific parts of the house are written below, so you can easily understand where things are located & how to use them safely.

  • Any Locked/Coded Doors besides the home access door are private & should be locked, please do not attempt to open.
  • Cleanliness is a priority, so please remove shoesbefore entering this room
  • The electric panelis in the Garage (Midnight Skye & Aurora Skye) top of Stairs (Northern Aurora). Please only open in the unlikely case of a power outage.
  • Open windows can interfere with our home alarm system. Please ensure all windows are closed & secure before leaving the house.
  • The room that borders with the neighboring house, please be especially conscientious about noise in here.


At our vacation rental, we like to provide our guests with some useful supplies as a starter pack, which can they can use during their stay. Here are a few rules to follow regarding the items you’ll find in & around our home.

  • We’ve provideddish soap for your use. If you run out, please buy the same brand as it’s eco-friendly & will cause less harm to our local water supply.
  • There may be some canned goods & other imperishable foods in the kitchen pantry which you are free to use as you wish. Always check the expiration date before eating anything. We always make sure not to leave expired food in the house, but oversights may happen.
  • Please don’t take any kitchen cutleryoutside, to work or out to at all, to avoid misplacing or losing it.


Just like our vacation rental, our neighborhood is important to us. Most of the residents live here full-time, though there may be some other short-term guests staying occasionally.

Please be sure to respect the community & try to keep noise levels to a minimum, especially after dark. By respecting the people & property around, your vacation will be more enjoyable.

  • Please try to avoid making any loud noisebetween 11 pm & 8 am to allow neighbors a peaceful night’s sleep.
  • If any neighboring residents report excessive noise or unruly behavior, we may have to evict you from our property & terminate the vacation rental agreement. This could result in loss of security deposit & rental amount.
  • In case of any disputes or neighbor complaints, it’s your duty to notify us as soon as reasonably practicable.
  • There are designated recycling & trash disposal areas. Please refrain from throwing any trash, such as bottle caps or cigarette butts into neighboring properties.
  • While we know there are some cute pets nearby to our property, their owners would really appreciate if you don’t give them any food!


We try to keep our vacation rental as child friendly as possible. That said, parents always always have the final responsibility of ensuring their children’s safety . If you find anything to be unsafe or that requires revision at our property, please contact us at your earliest convenience so we can address the issue. To maintain our property kid-friendly, we ask that you:

  • Never leave childrenunsupervised at our property without any adults.
  • Guests are always fully responsible for the safety & security of their children , as well as any disturbance caused to other residentsin the neighborhood.
  • Please do not use glasses outside or in the children’s play areafor safety reasons.


We want you to enjoy your vacation & time at our home to the maximum, but we do have to set some restrictions on visitor numbers for safety reasons. As part of our vacation rental agreement, we need the names & details of each member of your traveling party. In addition, please respect the maximum visitors & rules regarding visitors as set out below.

  • Guests are allowed a maximum of 2…Visitors at any time during their stay, with prior approval.
  • Guests are responsible for ensuring that any visitors comply with these House Rules.
  • Any additional overnight Visitorsmust be approved in advance & are subject to an additional fee as noted in our rates. If additional overnight guests, or more than the approved day guests, are discovered, we will terminate the booking without refund. If we make the discovery after the booking is over, we will assess a $50 per day fee per person.
  • Parties & large gatherings of any kind are strictly prohibitedat our home. Any small gathering must comply with our other house rules regarding noise, the neighborhood & visitor numbers.
  • Guests are to allow homeowner or service accessto the property for purposes of repair & inspection. The homeowner will exercise this right of access in a reasonable manner & advise beforehand where possible.


No doubt one of the biggest advantages of staying in our vacation rentals is our fully furnished kitchen. It’s perfect for rustling up tasty breakfasts, leisurely lunches & delicious dinners for all the family to enjoy.

We provide the basics such as cooking oil, simple seasoning & some condiments. Please treat our kitchen with the love & respect you would your own to keep it in great condition for other guests.

  • Please be sure to ventilate the kitchenafter cooking anything that could leave a strong smell behind.
  • Be careful not to washfood remains down the drain. Please throw any kitchen scraps into the trash.
  • To simplify the inventory process, please return any kitchen itemsback to where you originally found them.
  • Kitchen cleaning productsare under the sink. If any products run out during your stay, please let us know so we can replace them for the next guests.


You’ll find all the electrical appliances you need for a comfortable stay at our home. Please use them responsibly & ask other members of your party to do the same. This means adhering to the few rules we outline below.

  • Please do not overload or underloadthe washer/dryer. Be sure to separate colors & whites, & wash on a low temperature where possible.
  • The optimum temperaturefor the thermostat is between 65-72 degrees F.
  • Please make sure you switch off lights, fansor any other small electrical appliances when you go out.
  • In the unlikely case of a power outage, please call us before touching the control panel.
  • No compensationwill be given for any temporary outage of electricity, gas, water, cable, satellite or telephone service.


We have parking space on our property for up to two large vehicles. There is also the possibility for additional cars to park along our quiet, residential street, provided they do not block any neighbors’ property access or the mailboxes.

  • Please park your vehicles in the designated driveway/garagespace, ensuring no blockages.
  • Please do not exceed 5mphon approach to our home.
  • In case you or a member of your party must park on-street, please be conscientious & do not block accessto other properties.
  • The garage access key should be located on the coffee or entry table. If you are unable to locate it, please notify the owner as soon as possible. The garage is not a sleeping room. It is meant for parking.

    Aurora Skye 4BR: Front of Shed Far Right of Driveway (4)
    Aurora Skye MILA: Garage/Front of Garage/Behind Shed (3

Midnight Skye A: 2 Far right of driveway diagonally or straight in/Garage
Midnight Skye B: 2 Far back & right of driveway not to cross of fence line/Garage
Northern Aurora A: Front of House on Unit Side
Northern Aurora B: Front of House on Unit Side

Midnight Skye Guests::: There is no parking or driving of any kind on the grass or BBQ area. Please be sure that there is no parking in the middle of the driveway as it is a shared driveway.


We like to do our bit for the environment & we ask that our guests do the same! Some units may have recycling bins outside, some do not.

  • Please dispose of garbage & recycling in theproper containers.
  • You can leave garbage & recycling outside for collection the evening before trash pick-up.
  • Please do not flush any sanitary productsdown the toilet. We provide a bin for this in each bathroom.
  • When you leave the rental, please remove all food (except condiments/spices), place all trash in the trash cans & make sure the cans are placed in the appropriate place per the check-out sheet in your rental.
  • The trash pick-up day or dumpsters is noted below.  If trash pick-up occurs during your booking, you must put the trash cans out the evening before the pick-up day.
    1. Trash Days:

Aurora Skye Units: Tuesday Morning – Set out Monday Evening

Midnight Skye Units: Monday Morning – Set out Sunday Evening

Northern Aurora Units: Tuesday Morning – Set out Monday Evening


  • Any time guests leave the vacation rental, it is their responsibility to ensure all windows & doors are closed & locked to maintain security & prevent rain & water damage.
  • We are not responsible for the loss of any personal belongingsor valuables. In case you misplace something in the house, please let us know so we can look out for the item during the changeover & vacation rental cleaning.
  • Parents must not leave children unattendedat any time. Any guest injuries sustained inside the house are not covered by our vacation rental insurance.


  • The swimming pool is open from 7am to 10pm. Please respect these times for our neighbors’ sake.
  • Please avoid using glass tablewareor glass bottles near the pool. You should use the plastic cups available for any poolside drinks.
  • Guests must shower before entering the poolto rinse off any sunscreen.


Our balcony & deck area is available for you to kick back & relax with your family or friends. To keep this space in the best condition for future visitors to our vacation rental, please follow the guidelines as listed below.

  • Please do not hang laundryoff the balcony railings as it is not permitted by the local authorities.
  • If you plan to eat lunch or dinner outside on the deck, please do not use glasses & instead use the plastic cups provided.
  • In case of any bad weather (rain, storms etc.), please ensure you close thedeck umbrellas & store them securely to avoid breakage.


Our vacation rental is a smoke-free zone inside. This is important to us in order to keep our property in the best condition possible. Guests can only smoke in outdoor areas such as the balcony or deck as long as you respect the rules we have in place.  We want our properties to stay clean & smoke free, so this policy is highly enforced by Wi-Fi smoke detection & exterior security monitors. Smokers must step 15 FT minimum away from the property in order to smoke & must properly dispose of their butts. If this rule is violated or any evidence of smoking is found on the property & wasn’t reported from a previous stay, your booking will be terminated immediately, & you will lose your entire security deposit & be banned from future rentals. If there is evidence of smoking on or in the property, the owner reserves the right to remove you from the property immediately at the expense of your security deposit & any rents paid at that time.

  • Smoking is not allowed anywhere insidethe property.
  • Please do not throw cigarette buttsonto the property lawn. You should instead dispose of them in an appropriate manner. Failure to do so will result in a deduction from the security deposit.
  • Discovering guests have been smoking inside the property will result in loss of the security deposit.


Pets are welcome at our home (on approval)! If you’re staying here with your furry friend, there are some things we’d like you to help us out with to ensure a smooth stay for everybody.

  • We know you love your pet, but we ask that you please don’t let them up onto the furniture,especially sofas & beds.
  • Guests are responsible for cleaning up after their pets. Please ensure you clean the spending area daily & hose down with water if necessary.
  • Pets must not be outside of the property fencewithout a leash.
  • It is forbidden for pets to be off leash in the outside areas of the property during nighttimehours (e.g. 11 pm to 8 am).
  • Please groom your pets prior to travel to reduce shedding.
  • Dogs must be friendly & on a leash in public areas which would include any shared yard areas.
  • Cats are to be front declawed or wearing claw covers
  • All pets must be up to date on their shot records
  • Pets are NOT to be on any of the beds & if pets are to climb on any furniture, the pet
  • Owner MUST double layer blankets on the couch to ensure no pet hair is left behind on the furniture. If pet hair is left behind on the furniture, additional cleaning charges may occur.
  • Cats are not usually permitted due to allergies & claws but may be on a case by case basis.  Pls inquire.
  • If you have been allowed a cat in the house, the kitty litter box is NOT to be placed on TOP of ANY furniture. The ONLY APPROVED KITTY LITTER for the home is “OLD NEWS” recycled newspaper or other less messy litters, upon approval.
  • $10 pet fee per pet, per day for short term rentals under 14 days. (Minimum of $50).

    14-29 days       $150 per pet              $200 for two
    30-59 days      $175 per pet             $275 for two
    60+ days         $250 per pet             $350 for two


Is there anything better than tucking into a barbecue on a sunny afternoon? We don’t think so! We provide all the necessary equipment to cook up a storm, please just be sure to follow the instructions below.

  • Please use the designated barbecue utensils & not the regular kitchen tongs.
  • Be sure to clean the barbecueafter use, it’s much more difficult to clean the next day!
  • There is abag of coal in the garage/shed or propane tank on the grill. If you run out during your stay, it’s your responsibility to buy a refill.
  • Please only use the barbecue until 10 pm to keep noise & smells to a minimumfor our neighbors.
  • If the grill requires additional cleaning, a fee of $65 will be assessed.


While we know our guests won’t intentionally break anything at our vacation rental, we understand accidents can happen sometimes. Here is what you need to know about accidental damages or breakages during your stay.

  • Always report any accidental damages or breakagesin a timely manner, especially before check-out.
  • Please do not move any furniturefrom one room to another without approval first.
  • Please don’t take any bath towelswith you to the beach. There are beach towels for that!
  • In case any damage to the property or its appliances is not covered by our insurance, the guest will pay for the repaircosts from the security deposit.

If guest does not report the item upon check in & it is noticed after checking out, the guest may be held responsible for that item. – Always report damages upon arrival

  • DO NOT ASSUME the owner knows about an issue in the house. Let the owner know as soon as you discover an issue. We want to make sure our places are maintained & kept in great shape. Since we don’t live in our units or see them daily, it is up to our guests to let us know if there are any issues. We are great at addressing issues in a timely manner, so most likely, if you haven’t told us, we don’t know.


We’ve set out these house rules so that every guest visiting our property has a safe, secure & most importantly, fun stay at our place. Compliance with these rules is essential for every member of the traveling party. We hope you have a great time & find everything you need at
our home.

  • Breach of any of these house rules is a breach of the terms & conditionsof occupancy, as per the rental agreement you have signed.
  • We reserve the right to evict any guests or visitors from the propertywho refuse to follow these house rules.
  • In any case, please use common sensewhile staying in our house. If you’re unsure about any of the house rules & require further clarification, please give us a call.

If damage or issues are not reported within initial 12 hours of your stay & is found upon check out, “it was there when we got there” will not release liability of any additional fees. be sure to report any damages, left/ missing items, cleanliness issues, etc. immediately to avoid any fees.

Internet Connections:

Aurora Skye:                    ORBI94                                 Password: freelotus606___________

Midnight Skye:                 Long_______________    Password: 9077642288D___________
Northern Aurora:             Aurora Airport________     Password: 9077642288D___________

Booking Policies/ Check-In
 We ask that you respect the house rules of the home that you book. Violations of house rules can result in additional charges or termination of the booking.  We understand that as a guest you have common sense & are courteous enough to follow these rules but as a business, we must ensure that policies, restrictions & challenges are made clear. Please review these policies prior to booking.

Reservations that are 14 days or less are to be booked online.  We display real time availability & once booked your dates are instantly reserved in our system & a confirmation will be generated & sent to you via email.  Reservations over 14 days can be made by calling or emailing us.

Please be sure you have read the description of the property to be certain it fits your needs.  If you have any questions, please contact us prior to booking.  We do our best to provide detailed descriptions of each properties, so you are not surprised when you arrive.  We do not allow you to switch properties once you arrive.  If there is an area of town you need to be in, please contact us for a property address.

All rates are subject to change without notice.  Rates will be confirmed at time of booking.  Rates are subject to the city bed tax of 12% unless the stay is 30 plus days.  Any discounts will display on the second page of the reservation screen prior to booking. We may change our rates due to availability, demand, or last-minute opportunities.  Please be sure to check the reservation calendar for the rate for your dates.

A one-time cleaning fee will be charged on ALL rentals.  The fee for reservations 19 days or less: 1 Bedroom Apartment: $125, 2 Bedrooms $125, 4 Bedrooms $250.  Please note: Reservations that are 20 days or more will be charged double the cleaning fee.  Cleaning fees on monthly rentals will be negotiated per contract.

Monthly rentals are paid no later than the 1st of each month. If these rent payments are made after 12PM on the 2nd day of the month, the guest will accrue & be responsible for a late fee of $100. If guest fails to pay their rent by the 3rd day of the month, they will accrue a late fee of $150 & if not paid by 2pm on the 3rd day of the month, the guest will be escorted off the premises. These rental properties are not homes, they are transient properties & policies are strictly enforced. If legal action is required, the guest will incur & be responsible for any legal fees involved in the legal matter.

IMPORTANT NOTICE*Any disrespect to the property, contract, policies or agreement here-in will be cause for termination of stay, complete forfeiture of damage deposit & possibly other fees. If any discounts were afforded to the guest that are lower than the prices listed above, all discounts will be void & the difference between regular pricing & the paid rate will be owed*

 You will receive a check-in letter within 3 days of booking & a reminder within a week of arrival unless your arrival date is within 3 days in which case it will be sent within 24 hours.  All our units have flexible 24 hour check in with our 4-digit combination locks.


Check-In Time: 3PM or Later

Check Out Procedures: Check-out time is 11AM sharp due to the time required to clean the property for the next renter.  Our cleaning service will arrive at 11AM.  If you would like to request a late check-out of 3PM, the charge will be 50% of your daily rate & it MUST BE APPROVED in advance by the owner of the property.  (24 hours prior) Please see the check-out procedures for your rental in the property binder to avoid added cleaning fees.  The importance of our check out procedures are to allow us to pay attention to detail cleaning between guests & finish in time for the next guest. Before these policies were set in place, our laundry was unable to be completed in the time we needed between guests. We do hope you understand this & take it into consideration when reviewing our property. These check out policies are very standard for established & well-maintained Vacation Rental Properties. Please be sure to do the following at time of check out (No later than 11am on check out date).

  1. Start dirty sheets, towels, & pillowcases in the wash machine (leave pillow protectors & mattress protectors ON unless they are also in need of washing) – leave no more than one additional load of laundry & DO NOT OVER FILL THE WASH MACHINE.
  2. Clean & put away all dishes
  3. Clean Grill & Utensils (if applicable)
  4. Remove all pet waste from the yard (if applicable)
  5. Shut ALL windows
  6. Turn heat down to 60
  7. Return furniture, decorations, or anything that was moved during your stay to original location
  8. Take out all trash
  9. Leave garage door opener on coffee table or entry table with this binder
  10. Please leave a review! We want to know how your stay went so that we can keep doing what you love & stop doing what you hate! If you plan on coming back, & leave us a review, we would gladly give you 10% off your next stay with us!
  11. Turn off all lights
  12. Lock doors

Cancellation Policy
If you need to cancel a confirmed reservation, for any reason, no refund of previously paid reservation deposits/prepaid rents will be allowed, unless the reserved home can be re-booked for the same reservation period & price. If we are notified of a cancellation, we will make every effort to re-book & will refund your prepaid amounts, based upon any alternate revenue received, less a 25% handling/re-booking fee (25% of canceled reservation amount). Any such refunds will only be made once we receive the placement reservation deposits and/or prepaid rents for your reserved booking period.

Security Deposit for Both Short- & Long-Term Rentals
A 50% deposit is due at time of booking & the remaining balance is due 30 days prior to your arrival.  If less than 30 days prior to arrival, the entire balance will be billed.  Monthly rentals deposits will be negotiated per property & security deposit & cleaning fees are due upon booking in order to hold the reservation.

All rentals require a security deposit. The deposit is fully refundable following the end of your rental period, if the premises are left undamaged, all inventory intact, & all financial obligations met. Renter is responsible for any & all damages caused during their stay including damages caused by others in their party and/or guests. Renter is asked to leave kitchen dishes, pots & pans clean & put away before departure or an excess cleaning fee will be charged at $65.00 per hour. A portion of this security deposit will be used for cleaning and/or trash removal if the rental home is left excessively dirty or littered. For stays under 30 nights your credit card information will be held on file for the security deposit.  Our deposit is automatically $1,500. Disobedience to any house rules located in the in-home binder or on our website policies will be grounds for termination of stay without refund. Any discounts applied will be revert to standard daily rate (see property page) if guests have deliberately disobeyed rules & disrespected the home.

Left Items
Please check the closets, drawers, & under the bed for your personal belongings; check for any battery chargers in outlets. If we must retrieve items to send back, there will be a $50 service charge, plus the cost of the postage. Items will be held for one week after our first attempt to contact you. If we receive no response within the week, items will be donated.

Quiet Hours
Our houses are in very quiet areas & we ask that you respect the tranquility of our area. It is a violation of your rental agreement & of county ordinances to disturb neighbors with loud noise. If we get a complaint, we will call you or come to the house. If the noise persists, we will terminate the booking without refund. Some neighbors may simply call the police rather than contacting us. We ask that you observe the quiet hours of between 10PM & 8AM, each day of your visit. This request allows for the “quiet enjoyment” of other guests near the property.

Cleaning fees serve as a basic move out cleaning with dusting, re-making beds & wiping surfaces. Long Term (over 30 days) guests are expected to maintain the home during their stay in order to avoid incurring additional cleaning charges. If cleanings are to take longer than 3 hours after moving out, additional charges will apply at a rate of $65 per hour with a minimum charge of $65.  Additional fees may apply for late check out if same day move-ins are delayed as a result of additional cleaning.

Basic cleaning fee does NOT include:
– Items not completed on the check-out list
– Cleaning of putting away
– Re-arranging furniture/putting it back to its original location
Deep scrubbing of any surfaces or stain removal
– Carpet cleaning
– Daily/weekly bed making or touch up cleanings

(If you are interested in additional cleanings during your stay, they are available at an additional cost, please inquire.)

Fireplace & Candle Use

  • IMPORTANT!! OPEN flue (inside fireplace) before starting fire & close flue after fire has completely settled. Do not close flue before fire has completely settled as this may cause smoke & is a fire hazard. *If you have never used the type or fireplace in your unit, do not use it until thoroughly reading instructions on how to use the specific type of fireplace. *
  • Please do not leave candles on while away from the house.


ALYS Rentals assumes no responsibility for any loss, injury, or damages to persons or property resulting from acts of those providers, or otherwise & all Guest shall indemnify & hold harmless ALYS for any claims for personal injury or property damage arising at the vacation rental.



Prior to your arrival, we will send you your combination to the keypad on the unit.  In addition, a garage opener will be left in the unit for your use (if applicable).  Most of our units are keyless entry. For our keyed entry units: Any lost or stolen keys will result in a fee of $100 to be replaced.

Pool Table (if applicable):

Please care for the pool table as if it were your most prized possession. If there are any issues when you check in, please let me know immediately in order to prevent being held responsible for them. Please do not move, stand or sit on the table. No eating or drinking on or near the table. If you have any questions, please contact me.

Ping Pong Table (if applicable):

Ping pong table is available for guest use. Please do not lean on the table. If there are damages to the table, please let me know in order to avoid being held responsible for them. If we are running low on paddles or balls, or they are damaged, please contact me so that we can provide you with proper supplies.



Thermostat is in the hallway across from the bathroom & is expected not to exceed 72 degrees. Blankets & a wood burning fireplace are provided for extra cold nights. If you encounter any issues with the heat, please refer to the thermostat instructions provided in this binder or online. If this does not help, please call the owner or maintenance manager. Space Heaters: If you are using our electric space heaters that we have left for your convenience, please be sure to turn them off while you are out of the house. PLEASE DO NOT USE THEM IN THE GARAGE. There is a heater in the garage, you can plug it in & heat the garage with it only. No higher than 60 in the garage as heat escapes the door quite a bit. Upon checkout or extended leave periods, please turn heat down to 60 degrees BUT NOT LOWER than 50 in winter.

Quiet Hours:

Please keep excessive noise down between the hours of 10PM & 8AM in order to respect local quiet hours. Noise Awareness Monitors are in place, please be aware of this, exterior monitoring, & smoke detectors. Any violations or disconnections of these devices are grounds for termination of stay without refund as well as a minimum fine of $200.

House Electronics: 

There should be instructions for your TV, Firestick, Antenna & Cable (if applicable) inside your binder. WARNING: Our Internet Provider does track any illegal download activity on this IP address & will send me an email with detailed descriptions. If any illegal download activity is performed during your stay, we will revoke firestick & internet privileges for all guests during the stay. If the internet provider revokes my account or charges me fines, the guest will be responsible for those fines as well as up to $200 administrative fee for having to locate a new internet provider. You may login to your Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu & other online video providers during your stay.

Guide to Damages & Normal Wear & Tear

Determining normal wear & tear vs actual damage to a rental property can be confusing. The following are some examples to help differentiate between the two. This list is not meant to be comprehensive but to give enough examples to allow a property manager to extrapolate to conditions not specifically delineated here.

Normal wear & tear is essentially the deterioration of an item that occurs slowly over time. Damage occurs from accidents or unreasonable use. Even intentional alterations can & usually are considered damage.

Examples: Normal Wear & Tear

  1. Worn or loose hinges & locks on doors.
  2. A few small tack or nail holes, minor marks on or nicks in walls
  3. Scuffed up wood floors
  4. Loose or inoperable faucet/door handle, except damage caused by not promptly reporting.
  5. Toilet runs or wobbles, except damage caused by not promptly reporting same.
  6. Faded, cracked or chipped paint.
  7. Loose wallpaper
  8. Carpeting/curtains showing average wear or fading by sun
  9. Vinyl flooring showing minor scuffs or worn thin.
  10. Stains on old porcelain fixtures that have lost their protective coating.
  11. Bathroom mirror beginning to de-silver
  12. Worn gaskets on refrigerator
  13. Worn countertop
  14. Cabinet doors out of adjustment
  15. Closet doors off track
  16. Dusty blinds
  17. Food odors or smoke that dissipate over a few hours.



  1. Doors w/holes. Windows or doors broken. Damage to door or door frame from forced entry.
  2. Large or substantial dents in walls or ceilings.
  3. Badly scratched or gouged wood floors.
  4. Broken or missing faucets, doorknobs or other hardware.
  5. Broken toilet, seat, or tank/tank top.
  6. Writing/crayon/unapproved paint on walls. Excessive dirt on painted surfaces requiring extra work to mediate
  7. Ripped, torn or marked up wallpaper.
  8. Torn, stained or burned carpeting or blinds. Stains & odors in rug caused by pets, spills or leaks.
  9. Vinyl flooring w/tears/holes/burn marks or staining caused by water infiltration due to leaks or damaged caulking not reported to the landlord.
  10. Grime coated bathtubs, toilets, sinks, & or appliances.
  11. Mirrors broken, missing or caked with grime.
  12. Broken or missing refrigerator shelves, trays, bins or bars.
  13. Burns, cuts, or chips in counter tops.
  14. Greasy, sticky or broken cabinets & interiors.
  15. Damaged or missing doors.
  16. Missing, broken or bent slats on blinds.
  17. Broken windows or torn or missing screens.
  18. Smoke damage to paint, carpeting, or blinds from smoking or burning candles.
  19. Lost keys.


The above is not intended as a complete & definitive list of normal wear & tear vs damage but rather as a guide to help analyze each situation as it is presented. Every effort should be made to ascertain the units’ condition at move in; such as checklists, notes, & pictures if available. In general, the units should be returned to the landlord in the same condition as they were when tenant moved in minus “normal wear & tear”

Always Love Your Stay Rentals Thanks You for taking care of our home & leaving us appropriate/greatly appreciated feedback. We hope you had an amazing stay! It would help us find more amazing guests like you if you could take a few seconds/minutes to leave us a review! Your time is VERY important to you. We respect that, which is why the email you receive will make it super easy for you to leave a review in less than 10 seconds!

Its’ very important for our business’s livelihood that we are 5 Star Hosts!

To become/remain 5 Star hosts, we offer everything other vacation rental homes offer & in addition, have an amazing cleaning crew, checklists & a caretaker to watch over the properties & answer your calls when there may be an emergency or simple question to be answered. Having 2 people & phone #s to call adds a personal touch & gives you 24hr on call service. We are not a hotel, we are BETTER! You get to park right by the front door, cook, enjoy the neighborhood feeling, maybe even get to know the neighbors!

Just like tips, reviews are a fickle process. Every vacation rental website bases your placement on your reviews, & even consider 4-star reviews to be a problem. If there is anything wrong with our service or properties, please give us the opportunity to repair/resolve this issue before knocking us down a star. I can promise you that up until this day, June 18, 2018, I, the owner, Skye Long, have put EVERY guest input & into action as long as it was possible. This goes from having thanksgiving host abilities in our kitchen, shampoos/soaps, additional towels, a better & more efficient cleaning service, & even our caretaker has come from the 9 years of experience & learning from our mistakes. We now have a great system in place, thanks to the discussions & input from our past guests. We LOVE to hear from you directly, about how we can improve!

As you may know, it’s also very important for future guests to know what to look forward to. No need to take 20 minutes to write is up a glam review, but we would love your input on the key features during your stay.


Reviews are often the deciding factor in whether travelers choose to book your property. A TripAdvisor study found travelers are 80% more likely to book a vacation rental that already has reviews.